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An international multi-discipline show champion, a trail horse extraordinaire, a leader of mares, a breaker of hearts, a prince and a friend. Rest in Peace.


Jerezano D

(Decoroso D X Carinosa XIV)

1995 Pure Spanish Andalusian Gelding

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Carla has been President of Jerezano's  fan club for many years. Not only is he the sire to our favorite mare, Salsa, but he is a multiple International Champion horse.  He is also a favorite for trail and mountain riding.

 Shown right 2002 - Carla's first ride at his original home in Texas.

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You Tube video Sept 09 Video under saddle



In the mountains - he will pack amateurs or experts over the roughest of terrain. 

Indian Heaven Wilderness.  2011.

Photo below taken Aug 2011 - Oregon State Fair Horse Show


Photos below taken July 2010


Photos below taken Sept 2009



Watching over his herd of mares. A quiet, gentle leader.

A proud elegant gelding.

Having a chat at the horse show, June 2007

Our versatile boy!  He is now "tuned up" for driving & easy enough for a novice driver.


Jerezano, was the winner of the prestigious Pacific Rim High Point award.  This is for three shows combined high point - Go for Baroque, The Canadian Nationals and Festival of the Andalusian.  Jerezano was also Show High Point purebred at Festival of the Andalusian along with Reserve Champion Western Pleasure at Go for Baroque and Canadian National Champion Western Pleasure Amateur

  Pacific RimChampion  



Jerezano, was gelded in 2000.  Salsa is one of three of his off spring. He was entered in the 2001 Andalusian Nationals in Forth Worth, Texas and came away with many National Honors.  All of the following photos are taken by Rick Osteen of Osteen, Inc.

<<2001 National Champion Gelding
<<2001 National Champion Dressage Suitability
<<2001 National Reserve Champion Hunt Seat
<<2001 National Top 5 Western Pleasure
<<2001 National Top 5 Carriage Driving

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