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Moonstruck Meadows prides itself in matching our animal friends with their destined proud owner.  The following stories are about these fairy tales and happy endings ...

Matching Forever Friends.


July 2013

"Our beloved little Riley passed away last Friday at 13 years old.  My heart is broken, he has been the most cherished of all my animals, of all time.  I will always bless you for the day you said I could have him!

Not that any puppy could quite "fill his paws" - but I would sure like to find one with his temperament and looks. 

 Thank you Carla!"

Diane Broady Cunningham




Email from the happy new family of "Maddy" Jan 13, 2012

Ok, BRAG TIME: She's so smart!!! She's already going up & down flights of stairs & has learned the word "kiss." She's so flippin' adorable.

Thanks for the best puppy EVER!!!


Email from the happy new family of "Cabby" Jan 4, 2012

"Carla,  We had an easy trip home. Cabby traveled very well, just a little whining at first, but then he settled down. He spent a good amount of the time on Mom's lap, but went into his crate on his own and was very happy. We stopped three times, each time he went potty right away.   

He is such a doll. Dad fell in love as soon as he saw him. Currently Dad's sitting in the kitchen with Cabby at his feet.

We have set up a 'box' out the back door for his night time potty area. Though Cabby has already gone up and down the stairs without any problem, just a little coaxing.

Thanks for your care and hospitality. You have a wonderful home, and beautiful dogs.

 Eileen and Betty


Stella and Luna, both Moonstruck puppies, enjoying the life in their happy home with Blaine and Sheryl Decker.  Holiday 2008 card.

"McKinley" - 2008 Sable Shetland Sheepdog

(Ch Braeleen Let Freedom Ring X

Can Ch Ashwyn's Lemon Twist "Zesta")

Born Apr 11, 2008, "McKinley" is the 2nd Moonstruck puppy for the Carlone family.  After many discussions about temperament and special attributes, McKinley flew to Detroit airport as a surprise for the family.

"We McKinley has already been introduced to the Carlone way of life - boat rides and bike rides and the whole bit!  She gets nervous when the boat goes fast - and distracted on bike ride - but other than that - is a champ!  She sure is beautiful.  ... Tami Carlone (June 2008)

"Sammy" - 2008 Sable Shetland Sheepdog

(Ch Braeleen Let Freedom Ring X Can Ch Ashwyn's Lemon Twist "Zesta")

Born Apr 11, 2008, "Blue" is the future agility dog for Susan Winkle and new friend to his dog pals, Kenji and Ellie.

"Sammy started puppy pre-agility with me last night and I saw his “wild” side.  We were in the arena for five seconds before he started barking.  And when he found out food was involved, he could not WAIT for his turn.  And when we were only doing one tunnel, Sammy zipped thru the 20 ft. tunnel, took a left turn and jumped up on the table (looking for food, because it was there before).

He and Kenji are best of friends!  They do not like to be separated from each other.  And Ellie and Sammy are learning how to play together too – just not as frequent, but she is nearing 11.  She is retired from the A-frame as of two weeks ago, but still loves to run!

He’s an absolute doll and we could not have found a better fit for our family!" ... Susan Winkle (July 2008)


Here is an adorable photo from a trip to the ocean this weekend.  I thought you might enjoy it.  Sammy and his “big brother” Kenji.  These two are so closely bonded that when I return home from agility with one of them, they immediately run toward each other to share the celebration of being reunited.  Sammy has finished his first 4 weeks of Novice Prep classes.   He is doing outstanding work and is comfortable weaving 12 poles off-side.  He is fearless of the Teeter, has a gorgeous attack of the table and, when he doesn’t get too excited, the most beautiful holds on the contact equipment.  I can’t wait to compete with him.  He is truly a little champ!  AND of course, he is my absolute little doll boy.  ... He is truly one in a million.  We can’t believe how fortunate we are to have him! ~ Suzy  (May 2009)

"Dobby" - 2008 Sable Shetland Sheepdog

(Ch Braeleen Let Freedom Ring X Can Ch Ashwyn's Lemon Twist "Zesta")


Born Apr 11, 2008, "Dobby" was chosen by the Bell family after much deliberation.  He is  part of the Bell family which includes Matt, Amy, Emerie and Colin.  Shown her with Amy - he is obviously a Mama's boy.

"We have been on cloud 9 with our new little puppy.  He steals the show wherever we go.  I wanted to send you a few photos of the little guy so you could see how he was getting on.  He is Colin and Emerie’s best friend, takes a walk with Amy every morning, hangs out with me at night and even made friends with the cat." ... Matthew Bell (July 2008)

"Star" - 2005 Tri color Shetland Sheepdog

(Can Ch Sunlar's Sudden Impact X Westpointe's Drops of Jupiter)

A girl and her dog.  Lori and Star at the Oregon coast - an undeniable bond.


Baronesa - 2001 Black PRE Revised Mare

"Happy New Year! Here are some pictures of Baronesa Jack took today. I am enjoying her tremendously. Our time is split equally between trail and arena work. We trailer out twice a week to take a lesson with a dressage trainer. We ride five times a week. She is such a sweetheart both on the ground and under saddle. Our bond grows stronger as we learn together.

Thanks for bringing us together.
Betsy Tismeer"



(Can Ch Sunlar's Sudden Impact X Westpointe's Drops of Jupiter)

"Zack took Stryker to see Santa and they asked that You have a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year, thanks so much for Stryker he’s such a joy and definetely his daddy’s son and my love bug. He will pester me until I pick him up and just hold and pet him, he’ll lay his head on my chest and just look at me with his “melting” eyes. He was just meant to come live with us thanks again so much, Patti"  (Dec 15, 2006)



(Can Ch Sunlar's Sudden Impact X Westpointe's Drops of Jupiter)


"I wanted to give you an update on Luna.  She is absolutely amazing.   As you know, this is our third sheltie, so I am pretty acquainted with their intelligence and charm.  However, she is exceeding all expectations in this regard.  She is so darned smart that I have to get clever about putting her toys away.  She has recently developed a strong attachment to a squeaky toy. She prances around the house with this thing, intentionally squeaking it for the fun of hearing it.   It's not really a good chew toy so when she lays down to chew it, I take it from her and give her something else.  I put it up on a post that has our couch backed up to it.   It took her about 10 seconds to figure out how to climb up on the back of the couch and then stretch to reach this post and steal the toy.  She learns everything we ask in about three tries. ...  Thanks for encouraging me to take Luna.  We still mourn Annie everyday, but I think having Luna there has really helped to fill the void for us.   We adore this dog!  You are doing something right with your breeding!  Sheryl Decker" (Dec 2006) 


Update Feb 28, 07 - "Earlier this week, we were sitting in our TV room, spending a few minutes unwinding, watching a rare bit of mindless entertainment.  Luna, who wasn't ready to give up for the night, and who still needed to go out, went to the closed door, stood on her hind legs, and proceeded to work on the door hardware to open the door, which is a lever rather than a knob.  She knew, without ever having been taught, that a paw push down would open the door.  My husband and I were both speechless as we watched her working on opening the door.  She is turning into a truly exceptional girl!  I know that dogs, and even shelties, make good companion dogs for disabled people, and I can see how Luna could perform these functions.  But the exceptional part of the equation is that she practically teaches herself.  I thought you might enjoy this story, as it is your breeding that has produced this incredible dog. ~ Sheryl"


(Can Ch Sunlar's Sudden Impact X Westpointe's Drops of Jupiter)


Thank you Carla for letting us add Jake to our family!  He is an absolute joy and so much fun.  We had forgotten how much fun having a puppy around the house can be.  He makes us laugh at him for hours because he is so funny and has the best personality.  He will just play and play until he about drops from exhaustion.  Jake loves everyone he meets but he is truly a Daddy's boy.  He is so smart and is almost completely house trained and knows a few basic commands at less than 12 weeks old.  He has really stolen our hearts and become a valued family member.  Yep, we think he's a keeper!"  Wendy and John


Sept 6th, 2005. An unsolicited email from Sheila who found my website while surfing and stayed to really see everything ...

I just wanted to say this has to be one of the best websites I have seen.  Not to mention every four legged animal on that site was absolutely beautiful. You can tell they are loved deeply and cared for as if they were kings.  I use to show Andalusians a while ago, and if I ever get back into it, I will definitely be buying my horse from you! Sheila  P.S. The poems that were in "Immortal Beloved" brought me to tears, and took my breathe away for at least 30 minutes!!


(Ch Farwest Boy's Night Out X Westpointe's Drops of Jupiter)


A new puppy owner, Mitch Mullenix, wrote (July 27, 2005) ...

Well it's been a just over a week and Murphy has been the delight of the house.  Thanks again for trusting us with her.  She is the best puppy. She got to go to her first softball tournament this weekend (Friday and Saturday) and loved every minute of it.  All those girls to herd and balls to chase - it was just about to much for her to comprehend!  She was wiped out by the end of each day.  I was very proud of her. 



(Ch Milagro Never On A Sunday X Ch Mistybrook Melody)

2002 Shetland Sheepdog

I thought you would be interested in seeing what a beautiful dog Joey has become.  He is now two years old and is a delight.  He is smart, fun loving and very health.  We  love him a lot.  As you can see he still has his little ghost you sent him to Reno with.  He never chewed it up.  I hope everything is going good for you and again thank you so much for Joey!  Linda Moore, Reno, Nevada



(Mistybrook Papparazzi X Mistybrook Melody)

2003 Shetland Sheepdog

(Shown on left) is pictured here with his "sister", Elanor.  Gus is owned and loved by Dawn Uranis in Dearborn, Michigan. Dawn wrote, "Gus really is the best boy.  He's very sweet and very loving.  He cuddles with me on the couch and his 25 pound body displaces his 65 pound Golden Retriever brother.  Go figure."



(Ch Shiloh After Midnight  X Westpointe's Drops of Jupiter)

2003 Shetland Sheepdog Puppy

April 2004 We are having such fun with Sea-Sea. She is still a little "love" and makes sure she is always right next to either Ralph or me, except of course when she is playing with Salty. Our modus operandi is still that one dog goes to work with me during the day and the other stays home with Ralph, so we have each developed our own personal relationship with her, as well as family time. She gives wonderful welcomes to whomever she has been away from for the day, like she had not seen you forever!  We took her on her first cruise last weekend (to Friday Harbor) and she loved it. She had a great time prancing (she does prance!) around on the dock, made friends with everyone she met in town, and walked along on her leash next to Salty like they were king and queen of the walkway. The pictures I am attaching here were taken on the boat. She had a great time sitting in the First Mate's chair and helping Ralph navigate, and wasn't at all bothered by the movement, waves, or engine noises. In brief, we love her to pieces! Bonnie & Ralph Olson, Seattle


(Ch Shiloh After Midnight  X Westpointe's Drops of Jupiter)

2003 Shetland Sheepdog Puppy

Once it was decided Piper was going to a pet home, she was immediately scooped up by the Skyberg's of Bellingham, Washington.  The whole family drove 4 hours one way and instantly fell in love.  She will be spoiled by 4 children and plans are to train her in agility and frisbee.  Lucky puppy! 


Feb 15, 2005 ...Hey! We are just writing to tell you how wonderful Piper is doing! Currently, I (Shana) am training her in basic agility for the second time. We have also trained her in a puppy class, and obedience. She’s doing so wonderful. Every time we pull into the parking lot of the agility place she goes crazy! She is also very good at what she does. The only reason we are putting her through basic agility again is because she gets so excited when other dogs are going that we had to go back and teach her manners! Lol



(Mistybrook Papparazzi X Mistybrook Melody)

2003 Shetland Sheepdog Puppy


A wonderful 2003 Christmas surprise for Brad and Jamie Usselman!  Mia was a well earned present after these young people proved they could take care of their other pets - a hamster and a rabbit.  Their parents, Greg and Kelly, made several visits to play with and photograph their new family member before they came to pick her up Christmas morning.  A recent email update from the Usselman's ... Mia is a perfect fit for our family.  She is a very smart puppy, having become house broken within two weeks, with very few accidents.  She is full of energy (when not napping), keeping everyone entertained.  She and the cat have developed an interesting friendship as they chase each other every chance they get.  This is the most exercise our cat has gotten in the past 8 years.  Mia begins puppy kindergarten on Saturday and the whole family is taking the class together.


SirMoonstruck Brodie Castle

(Mistybrook Papparazzi X Mistybrook Melody)

2003 Shetland Sheepdog Puppy


On Christmas Eve 2003 "Bode" flew off to Novi, Michigan to his new family.  Tami Carlone was able to keep it a secret from her whole family and whisked this cute little puppy under the tree on Christmas Eve.  Shown here with a member of his new family, Kaleigh, he has become a third child.  A recent update from the Carlone family .... "Bode loves to play "tug" and he growls when we do it.  He is so funny!  He brings us toys all of the time and always wants to play!  TOTAL PUPPY!  He is very good at fetch and sit and lay now.  Bode is a very good traveler.  Probably from being exposed to it so early!  I will never forget when I picked him up at the airport.  He tucked his little body right up to mine and tucked his little head up in my hair.  He was very glad to have a person.  By the way - I agree with that gal from California on your website.  She says she loves you and your animals and your website, and that she would buy sight-unseen.  I feel the same way (and did it).  You are to be congratulated!  And thanked.  What a quality pet we got from you.  I love reading about other people that purchased from you." Another email in 2005 ... People up and down my street keep asking me about Bode and then going to buy one (6 so far).  Unfortunately - they are too impatient to get it from you as per my advice - they go right to the local pet store.  Bugs me to no end.  I swear - if I put a sign in my yard Bode Puppies for Sale - 10 people would come to get one!  He is famous in the area as he runs along as I bike ride and stops at all roads to wait for signal to go.  This, and other things he does, amaze people.  People I don't even know come up and ask me about him. Tami Carlone, Michigan


December 31, 2003

Hello Carla!
I bought a female pup from you in 2002.  I believe you called her 3 spot, we call her Jenna.  (Jenna at right - 8 weeks) I wanted to let you know she is doing great and is the love of our life!  She is a wonderful dog and is very well behaved.  The reason I am writing you, is that we are thinking about getting another one.  Are you planning any litters within say the next six to eight months? I wanted to tell you we have snow over here in Prineville and Jenna just goes nuts in it.  She is really something to see!  Thanks again for the wonderful family member! 

Dee Zinn, Prineville, Oregon


I received this delightful, unsolicited email from admirers of Cha Cha and my website ...

“We thank you for a very special experience in visiting your website.  Sometimes we visit your updated site to catch up on who is for sale and who has found a new family. Sometimes just to dream (Cha Cha). Your music carries 'us' to a familiar place where 'we' are touched by the feel of the memory of a special horse or dog.

This site is not only a prototype by which the bar should be raised for those promoting the Andalusian, it is a reminder to the rest of us that quality and excellence remain in a world often dominated by less than.......thank you for that. 

My friends and I agree (doesn't happen often) that we would purchase a horse or dog from you 'sight unseen'. That level of confidence comes from the love and sincerity that exudes from your website. 

Two of us own Andalusians and the third is searching for a special horse. The difficulty for her is that Cha Cha remains the standard. In that quest, we shall continue to visit your site. Again, thank you for sharing your love and appreciation for that which is precious and unique.”


Marie Larum, Gloria Peralta, Charlotte Canari

Castle Rock Farm

Walnut Creek, California


Cha Cha Cordero (aka "Calli")

(Cordero X Louisa/Luceno IV)

1994 Grey 15.3H PRE Andalusian Mare


A fantasy horse.  A breeder's and rider's dream.  Carol Fensholt found Cha Cha on the internet and she was immediately struck by Cha Cha's resemblance to her beloved Arabian stallion, Smokey, that she had lost years ago.  It wasn't so much of the physical resemblance, although surprisingly that was there as well, but the regal look of the eye and the apparent nobility of spirit that drew her.  Carol flew in from New Jersey and spent less than 24 hours with us - two trail rides and lots of soul searching - and Cha Cha is hers and she is Cha Cha's.  I have parted with a fabulous horse but gained a wonderful new friend.  Thank you Carol.  Click here to go to Cha Cha's page.


Dacio msm

2003 Pure Spanish Inscribed Colt

(Gavilan IV x Catalina/Bravio)


Dacio was purchased in - utero as the future dressage and event horse for Jenni Jeronimo.  Jenni was there when Dacio was born and she has been able to see him regularly as he is growing up.  Dacio will be kept as a stallion at this time to see how he develops.  Watch his page for updates.  On August 26, 2003 Jenni wrote, "I want to thank you for taking such amazing care of Dacio during these past few months. I've enjoyed getting to know you and buying Dacio has been a very positive experience.  You are very honest and open and I appreciate that in a business relationship and a friendship. I think you have wonderful horses and am glad to be a part of the family.  I am really in love with Dacio and I know we will grow old together. " Click here to go to Dacio's page.



Biene v.d.Middelgeast "BeBe"

(Lute X Hildau v.d. Middelgeast/Tamme)

2000 FHANA/FPS Imported Friesian Ster Mare


Zorena Kirkendoll flew in from Los Angeles to see my Andalusian mare, Manzanita.  However, Manzanita and BeBe had other plans.  Zorena thought she wanted an Andalusian but fell in love with my only Friesian.  I could see from the moment they met that the two of them were meant to be together.  BeBe put down her head on Zorena's chest and begged her to take her home.  We were both surprised, but how can you argue with such a special connection?  BeBe and Zorena will be pursuing dressage and trail riding and it is no doubt a lifetime love affair. "Carla Shown and Moonstruck Meadows have inspired me with the pristine level of care and gentle training for their outstanding breeds. I would not buy a horse without Carla's go ahead! I have found the horse of my dreams at her facility-A Friesian named "BeBe" and that was a surprise in itself! I was shopping for an Andalusian- and I ended up with a Friesian! Don't be surprised that the horse you think you should get- isn't! Thanks to Carla- I have the PERFECT horse for me!" ... " Bebe is soooo beautiful, sweet and kind- that my jaw dropped when I saw her- and I really cried. She is just magnificent, as gentle as a puppy and my dearest and ONLY horse!  We look forward to a very long and committed lifetime together!"   Zorena Kirkendoll

Moonstruck Simon Sez

2001 Tri Shetland Sheepdog

(Ch Shelgrande's Sudden Impact X Ch Shylo's Spirit of Silversong)


"Simon" lives with David Reiners and Karen Montgomery in Lincoln, Illinois.  "We just love Simon, He's a very sweet, funny and gentle dog. He takes to the other dogs well and minds his manners with sharing the toys. People stop us on the street and comment on what a beautiful sheltie he is. We just smile and say thank you. (but, we knew all along that he was handsome) Simon adores David with a passion. They play on the floor every night.  Did you know that Simon can smile?  I know it sounds like I have lost my mind but, that little dog has a grin on his face when he plays.  We just want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for letting Simon come into our lives. He truly is a great little sheltie and we love him dearly."



Moonstruck's Adda Girl 

(Ch Milagro Never On A Sunday X Ch Mistybrook Melody)

2002 Shetland Sheepdog

From Addy's "Mom", Charly Collins-Menger: "She has continued her mother's intense love of balls.  She will drop it at our feet, and if we do not respond in a timely manner (immediately) she will resort to all sorts of attention-seeking tactics.  Whining and barking are favorites, as is rolling on her back to expose her lovely round belly (with one eye on the intended target - she rolls back fast when you move toward the ball). That gets us EVERY time!  Oh, we are suckers for a cutey-pie. She has a sweet nature with our friends and family, and is very well-liked (and loved) by all of us here. She loves to toss herself into the bean bag chairs in the living room and loll around like the regal lass that she is (more like Catherine the Great than Princess Grace).  She has an INTENSE sense of smell and loves to eat!  She will not let anyone eat before her, and is the only other animal allowed to eat from our geriatric German Shepherd's bowl.  He would not dare refuse her! I honestly think he is afraid of her.  He goes out on coyote patrol, and is afraid of no other man nor beast - except Addy the Mighty.  I think she has a "Napoleon and his whole army" complex!  My God, I love her so very much! Our lives will never be the same.  You breed a very special quality of dog, Carla! Thank you again and again. Keep up the good work of breeding and raising quality dogs.

Moonstruck Andy Murray

2001 Blue Shetland Sheepdog

(Can Ch Shelgrande's Sudden Impact X Can Ch Shylo's Spirit of Silversong)


"Andy" has a very special home with Lindsay, Peggy and Todd Murray in Camas, Washington.  He is Lindsay's 4-H project and they plan to participate in obedience and agility.  Lindsay has dreamed of this special puppy of her very own.


Cozmo Domingo msm

2001 Pure Spanish Andalusian colt

(Topazio X Cha Cha Cordero)


Cozmo (Topazio X Cha Cha Cordero) was only with me long enough to go to his true owner, Sara Hawkinson.  It was love at first sight.  Sara and her mother, Carol, had always hoped to have an Andalusian in their life and Cozmo was the lucky horse for this wonderful family.  He is now living in Ashland, Oregon with the Hawkinsons and will be Sara's Pony Club project, life time companion and true friend.  We are so thrilled with this home and this match. They are destined to soar together.



1996 Pure Spanish Revised Andalusian mare


Carrera has a wonderful home in Ocala, Florida. She lives with and is loved by Diane Broady.  Diane bought Carrera sight unseen based only on her gut feeling that Carrera was the right horse for her.  She had been searching for an Andalusian mare that was started under saddle and Carrera had the "statistics" she was looking for, but it was her special feeling that ultimately brought them together.  Diane trails rides Carrera and is taking dressage lessons.  She plans to breed Carrera in the future.  A fairy tale horse for a special woman.



Corazon Honrado MSM

2000 PRE Andalusian Gelding

(Don Marco X Carrera)

Click here to go to Honor's page and see how he has grown up!
Sue choose Honor before he was born.  She spoke to a special person, Norma Ceaser, who communicates with animals and Norma felt that Sue and Honor were meant to be together.  Sue made three trips cross country to spend time with her boy in his early days.  She always cried with joy when she arrived and she always cried when she had to leave him.  He is Sue's soul mate.




Moonstruck Riley

(Ch Westpointe Back Alley Rhapsody X Ch Mistybrooks Trick or Treat)

Diane Broady also took home a second "child" from Moonstruck Meadows.  During her visits to meet and ride Carrera, while Carrera weaned her foal, Diane decided she wanted another Sheltie in her life.  As it turned out, there was a litter at Moonstruck during that time.  Diane had described to me what she wanted and we had thought the best fit was the little female in the litter.  However, when she arrived to see Carrera and take her puppy home, Mr. Riley had another thing in mind.  He danced and jumped and barked and begged Diane to pick him.  To my surprise, only hours before Diane was flying home, she announced that a puppy, other than the one she had originally picked, was going home with her.  Here is a picture of the happy pair - still inseparable to this day! How's that for fate?


Moonstruck Seduction

(Ch Vanleighof's Image of Sarbo X Ch Mon Amie Moonstruck)


The Watkins family fell in love with Boo and their lives have never been the same.  He has remained their constant companion and protector.  He lives in Sunriver, Oregon with his family and is walked and jogged for miles everyday.  Boo still comes for occasional visits when his family is out of town .



Moonstruck Tucker

( Ch Westpointe Back Alley Rhapsody X Ch Mistybrooks Trick or Treat)


Hal and Linda Staehle of Seattle, Washington made a special place in their home and their hearts for Tucker in 2000.  They drove down and played with puppies and agonized over their decision.  Tucker was replacing a special Sheltie that had previously been in their lives for many years.  Tucker now lives like royalty and is shamelessly spoiled and loved by these two extraordinary people.



Matching Forever Friends.

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