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In 2004 a new 10 acre home was purchased in La Center, Washington.  It is a dream come true.  With a covered riding arena and nine stall barn Moonstruck has a facility to house all their horses in one place at last. >>

Covered dog runs were built and improvements on the stall barn were made including redoing all the runs with mud proof materials. The last of the clearing and new fencing was completed in 2008.  We have a fully mud proof 1.5 acre "sacrifice area" for our horses during the winter, which includes a 20' x 60' covered area; five lush pastures fenced with either horse-safe no climb fencing or pole fencing; and our lighted, covered arena with a 6 foot pony wall and luxurious footing for our horses.

Our horse housing and arena looking from our home. >>



Moonstruck has built it's small, quality broodmare band to six pure Spanish Andalusian mares, five of which are Inscribed or Revised with the Cria Caballar (PRE).  Generally we breed two or three mares a year to carefully chosen stallions that improve their traits while maintaining the mare's important conformation and temperament qualities.

<<Our mares quietly eating their breakfast.


Each mare at Moonstruck has been carefully selected or bred to be a good mother, a quality producer, a sound horse with a good mind, a riding horse to enjoy in any chosen area, and most importantly your best friend.  

Larica with her 2009 colt>>


Southwest Washington generally has mild weather year round with lots of rainfall.  However, we can be surprised with snow, weeks of cold and freezing weather, extreme heat, and very occasionally, an unusual tornado or mild earthquakes.  We live in the shadow of Mt St Helens, an active volcano.  We are approximately 50 miles from the mountain and all volcanic activity in the past has moved off to the east or west.  All things considered, it is a beautiful area to live in.  Actually, Oregon and Washington are considered to be two of the safest states to live in. 

<<Tornado sky, Aug 2005.  Although spectacular, quite frightening for animals and humans.


A fairytale landscape to raise fairytale horses ...



<<Moonstruck Meadows began with the purchase of acreage in Vancouver, Washington in 1996. Fencing and kennels were built and the first horse arrived in 1998.  This was a happy home for over seven years, but we didn't realize our perfect home was yet to come ...


My first purebred dog was "Kuda", a Dalmatian that was a gift in my junior year of high school. Kuda was also my first American Kennel Club (AKC) titled dog with a C.D. (Companion Dog) obedience title. I have been breeding, showing and training purebred dogs since 1978. My dogs travel with me, go to work with me and have shared my best and worst moments. These wonderful furry friends have accumulated numerous Championships and Herding Group wins in conformation in the U.S. and Canada. Several of these dogs also earned working titles in herding, obedience and agility.

Kuda and Carla, 1975


My earliest recollection of horses was at three years of age when I clambered on the bare back of my first horse "Old Bill". He was a wonderful, patient horse that taught both my sister and me to ride. My childhood was filled with many memories of riding through the juniper and sagebrush in eastern Oregon. There were playdays (gymkahna) and 4-H clubs mounted on safe and sane horses carefully selected by my parents. There was "Suzie" after Old Bill - a Paint/Welsh cross. After I outgrew Suzie there was "Little Red" a stout and patient Quarter Horse gelding. After a move to Eagle, Idaho in my junior year of high school I found "Skid", a young Quarter Horse gelding, and had my first experience at starting a young horse.  

<<Carla and Skid, 1978


In the early '80's I purchased my first purebred Arabian and began riding in competitive Endurance and breeding Arabians. Three years later, a change in career sent me to Seattle, Washington and took me out of horses in one way and into horses in another. I was offered the opportunity as a Business and Breeding Manager at an Arabian training facility with Greg Knowles, who became my mentor and good friend. During the 4 years with Greg I became a proficient stallion handler and a successful breeding  and horse business manager. Our head stallion at Arabian Expressions, Gold Krugerand, bred nearly 70 mares in one season with a 95% conception rate. This breeding experience has been invaluable for breeding my own mares at Moonstruck Meadows.


Since 1988 I have been working as the Financial/Risk Manager for a shipyard in Portland, Oregon. (See dmipdx.com)While working full time I finished my Bachelor of Science degree, with honors, at Portland State University in 1996. My education was heavy in biology, along with some genetics, which gave me a solid background for understanding breeding and genetics in dogs and horses.

Carla and Gold Kruggerand, 1984>>


Now my most enjoyable times are spent riding beautiful horses in fabulous Northwest settings and bringing up foals and puppies to share with other families. I feel very fortunate to have these special animals in my life and some of my best friends are the result of them finding their soul mate at Moonstruck.


<<Carla and Lexi, 1992

Carla and Carrera, 1991


After many years of riding for pleasure and trying my hand at Endurance riding, I have finally found my form of riding - Dressage.  In 2004 I showed Catalina and Renata in First Level Dressage along with some other fun events including a competitive trail ride and an open Andalusian show in the Northwest.  In 2005 I showed Salsa, our first home-bred horse to hit the dressage ring.  Since then Salsa and I have moved up the levels and will be riding in 3rd level in 2009.  I continue to ride with wonderful clinicians and trainers who have helped me become a better rider. 

See our Horse Show Results page for details.


<<Carla and Salsa, 2008

Carla and Catalina, 2002>>


Although, I love to ride, I get great reward from breeding my mares and bringing new little horses into the world.  They are full of innocence and wonder. 

All foals are handled regularly, learning new skills and acceptable social behavior. At weaning foals have been trailered, ponied from their dam and understand how to lead and allow handling by the farrier and veterinarian. All training is done quietly and without force, resulting in a foal that trusts humans and enjoys being handled.


<<Carla and Honor, 2000

Carla and Foal, 2008>>


We started breeding Shetland Sheepdogs in 1978.  Generally there are two Champion females at Moonstruck who have passed all their health tests and we have one or two litters per year.  As of 2013, we have Mina and Zesta, whom are both spayed. New dogs may be coming in the next few years. Keeping our breeding program small has allowed us to offer quality, healthy, well socialized companions as special family members.


There was one litter of Bouviers born at Moonstruck. 

And one litter of  Standard Poodles in 2011.


<<Carla and Mason, 1993


Nephew, Charley Parker, with two happy Shelite pups.>>


Not to be forgotten - the barn cats, a real working crew.

Our barn cats receive high quality food and vet care.  They are locked up each night in their cat apartment to avoid prowling coyotes.





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