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Keep your regular vet's number available for all family members.  Know the address and phone number of your closest 24 hour vet clinic for the weekend, night time and holiday emergencies.   Your dog needs to visit its veterinarian annually for a physical examination and an update of its vaccinations. If your dog begins displaying any of the following signs, however, immediately contact your veterinarian for an appointment.   (From the American Veterinary Medical Association/Dog Digest). 

I . Abnormal behavior or abnormal appearance.

2.  Abnormal discharges from body openings.

3.  Lumps or bumps appear or are noticed on the dog's body.

4.  The dog limps or has trouble standing or rising.

5.  Sudden increase or decrease in the dog's appetite or water consumption.

6.  Sudden weight gain or loss.

7.  The dog shakes its head or scratches excessively.

8.  Unexplained bald patches appear on the dog's coat.

9.  The dog suddenly develops a bad mouth odor.

10. Open sores appear on the dog's body.