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SS Barbados "Tango"

Bay 15.3H Half-Andalusian/Arab Gelding


Tango was purchased as a riding horse for Kurt and turned out to be the most reliable and gentle horse at Moonstruck.  He carried  his passengers safely over any obstacle on the trail, went team penning and watched over the youngsters.  His Arabian half gave him stamina and his beautiful features.  

Tango was diagnosed with Cushings Disease at the young age of 10 years.  Vets, farriers, the OSU Vet School and several consultants could not stabilize his symptoms.  Several bouts of founder/laminitis and abscesses destroyed his feet.  While his last two years were up and down, I medicated and monitored him with love until he let me know it was time to go.  On March 30, 2002 he was set free to run where his feet no longer hurt and his body is strong and healthy. 



Tango had a real knack for team penning.  

Carla is shown here on a cold winter night enjoying some fun with Tango.






Tango was always the first pick for a trail mount.  He was reliable and sure footed and enjoyed getting out as much as his riders.








A living work of art - he will always be remembered as he was here.  Strong and healthy.

We will miss you and your affectionate bumps and "hugs" with your head.  There is an empty place in the barn and a hole in our hearts.




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