"Phoebe" 1995-2005

aka American & Canadian Champion Mon Amie Moonstruck 
(Ch Galbraith's Moonwalker X Ch Mon Amie Passion)

1995 Black 25-1/2" Bouvier des Flandres bitch

OFA Cardiac #BF-CA1/15F/C
(Subsequently diagnosed with SAS)
OFA Thyroid #BF-TH20/23F-T
Cerf #BL309/97-23
OFA Hips #BF3683G24F-T
OFA Elbows #BF-EL276-T


Phoebe (left) and her pal, Mason.




Phoebe was bred by my friend, Cynthia Thames of Mon Amie Bouviers. I showed Phoebe to both her Canadian and American Championships along with several group placements. She finished her American Championship in two weekends of showing - an almost unheard of circumstance. Phoebe is now spayed and enjoys her role as my companion and protector. She spends the rest of her time chasing cats and squirrels - she is an active dog with an active mind.


Phoebe, always willing to put up with my antics, agreed to dress up for Halloween 2004.

Phoebe has had one litter.

Phoebe was screened twice for Subarotic Stenosis - both times by a Cardiologist and once using a doppler. Each time she was cleared, as indicated by her OFA Cardiac # BF-CA1/15F/C. She was only bred after having cleared all her health tests. During a routine exam for a health certificate nearly 3 years later, my regular vet heard a murmur. I immediately went back to the first Cardiologist that cleared her and had another Doppler exam, she was then diagnosed with mild Subaortic Stenosis. Now what are the odds that both of my dogs would be affected with this disorder!? But there you have it - the odds were against me. Phoebe's SAS is very mild and this will certainly not be the cause of her demise.