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Below is a list of links we have found valuable for research and information on the horses and dogs we breed. 

Please contact us if you have a site you feel would fit into this group and we'd be more than happy to add you.

Other websites built and maintained by Carla:

Diversified Marine, Inc. - The company where Carla has worked for nearly 20 years.  Her "proper job".  It is a small shipyard which builds and repairs Tug boats and barges. - My family genealogy website.



Andalusian Breeders:

Go For Baroque Farm - Home of Lusitano stallion, Venturoso HM.

Bravata Andalusians - These people own the dam of our lovely DS Baronesa as well as her full sister.  They have wonderful historical information about several of the horses in our mare's pedigrees as well.  Located in Richfield, Ohio.

Sommer Ranch - Home of the late Bravio.  Sire to Catalina.

Amandalusian Farms -  Home of Kripton 2004/2005 National Ch Stallion and to be bred to our Catalina in 2007.

Jackass Mountain Ranch - Ami MacHugh's ranch in Paso Washington.  Home of many National Champions and twice IALHA Breeder of the Year.

Andalusian/Horse-related magazines:

Flying Changes - A NW publication printed monthly.  Calendar, classified ads, show results, etc. for jumpers, hunters, dressage and eventers.

The Andalusian - Produced by the National Andalusian club, IALHA, for its members.

Dressage Today - A must have monthly magazine for dressage riders.

Andalusian Research and Informational Websites including Clubs:

US PRE - As of February 2008, the USA manager of the Spanish studbook through ANCCE.

The Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse - A non-profit organization for the preservation and promotion of the pure Spanish horse. 

Int'l Andalusian & Lusitano Horse Association - American registry for Andalusian and Lusitano horses.  Also has history and additional links for breeders, training, etc. on website.  Membership includes a quarterly publication.

NWAHA - NW Andalusian Horse Association.  NW breeders joined together to promote pure and part Andalusian horses.  The club currently offers two annual breed shows approved by the IALHA and USEF. 

ANCCE -  Largest breeder's association in Spain.  Also the managing group for Revision and registration in the Spanish studbook.

Classical Dressage:

Bettina Drummond - As of June 2005, this website is down.  However, I have the interview/article I authored in PDF format. Click here. Bettina is my mentor/my idol.  She is an incredible rider and teacher who studied under many dressage masters, including Nuno Oliveria.  I interviewed Bettina and published the interview in Horse of Kings magazine.  If you ever get a chance to see Bettina ride, ride in one of her clinics or purchase her training tapes - do it.  She is a precious gem to the Andalusian breed.

Sabine-Schut Kery - A rider/trainer/exhibition artist that I admire tremendously.

cheval-haute-ecole -

Classical Dressage Notebook - -

Showing your horse in USEF and USDF shows and events: - US Equestrian Federation - US Dressage Federation

ODS - Oregon Dressage Society.  Organizer of approved and league dressage shows in Oregon and SW Washington.

Hanoverians: - A site owned and managed by Karen of Overlook Farm Hanoverians.  Her site will link you to many other valuable sites dealing with Hanoverians - both breeding and riding.

Horsepower Farm - My friend, Nancy Connolly of Vancouver, Washington.  Breeder of fine Hanoverian horses for dressage and hunter/jumper. - The American Hanoverian Society.  A great site to guide you through registration, show requirements, etc.  They also offer a sales list on line that is updated with their quarterly magazine.

Hilltop Farm - A really nice example of a professional sporthorse breeding facility.  Standing, Contucci, an approved Hanoverian stallion I admire greatly.

Natural Horsemanship and Training websites and/or publications: - A great magazine for all disciplines.  Loaded with articles about training techniques, solving training issues, dressage, soundness, etc.  All articles written by experienced horse people.

Horse Health and Reproduction:

Ridgefield Equine Clinic - Dr Meg Brinton and Dr  Anne Marie Ray have cared for the horses at Moonstruck Meadows for nearly 10 years.  Not only are they professional and punctual, but also always on the cutting edge of new veterinary developments and technology.  They are both wonderful women to work with and know.  If you need equine reproduction services, don't go anywhere else.  Ridgefield Equine mission statement: To Provide Excellent Veterinary Care where the Horse comes First. To Keep up to date on Current Therapies and diagnostics. To Foster Long term relationships with clients so they can meet their goals, from the individual horse owner to the large-scale breeding or training operation.

Performance Equine Dentistry - Dr Richard Vetter - A great equine dentist with the coolest setup.  He pulls into your farm with his whole clinic in a custom designed gooseneck trailer.  The horse's load into the back on a ramp and right into a safe secure set of collapsible stocks.  Very professional and a very important part of our horse's regular care.

Performance Equine Dentistry, Richard L.Vetter, D.V.M.  - A huge amount of information on breeding and reproduction. 

My Horse Matters - Official website of the AAEP (American Association of Equine Practitioners).  Ask questions, find a vet and see articles pertaining to horse health.

Merck Veterinary Manual -  Search this invaluable resource on line.

Safer Grass - Worried about grass founder with your horse.  Get answers here.

Center for Equine Health at UC Davis - dedicated to advancing the health, well-being, performance and veterinary care of horses through research, education and public service. Hot topics and current research available.

The Horse Doc - Common sense solutions.

College of Veterinary Medicine at Urbana, Illinois - Links for equine health.

KV Vet - Vaccines, wormers, joint supplements, grooming supplies, etc.  All your needs for horses and pets.

The Horse - An invaluable resource for horse health.  Searchable index and on line subscription available.

Recommended Products and Artists: - In June 2007 Dawn came to Moonstruck to photograph our horses to be used as subjects in some of her upcoming new art work.  Watch her website for details. 

Kimry Jelen - NW Artist with a focus on Iberian breeds.  Lovely work with color and movement.

SmartPak Equine - SmartPak Equine is a website that sells a wide-range of equestrian products for horse and rider. This site also contains up-to-date horse health care information and educational resources for horse owners. 

Dee Dee Murray - Realistic animal art and portraits by national award winning artist Dee Dee Murry in oil, acrylic, graphite and mixed media.  Prints and originals available in the Galleries sections.

Kathy Jones - A wonderful artist portraying Andalusians at work and play. 

Canter Silk  - the best spray in conditioner for Andalusian manes & tails.  Sometimes available at your local tack store, but this is a link to purchase it on line.

Dover Saddlery -  a great resource for rider's clothing, tack and supplies for the dressage rider.

Tack In the Box - dressage supplier.

Dressage Extensions - Unique tack supply company - specializing in dressage.

Harrison-Keller Fine Art - Harrison-Keller has the most fabulous paintings of Andalusian horses available.  They also offer many items with the images as well - bags, music boxes, prints, t-shirts, etc. 

Molly Cliff-Hilts - Not a horse artist, but an extraordinary artist who paints with bold strokes and bright colors. 

Kim McElroy - Don't miss this artist!  She captures the spirit of the horses she portrays.

Diane Williams - The artist for the piece on the cover of the 2006 IALHA show program.  Uses light and color to show the spirit in the horse.


Wintercreek Shetland Sheepdogs - Home of "Rider" sire to our Sheltie litter due Feb 2011

Akadia Shetland Sheepdogs - Home of "Panda" sire to our Nikki

American Kennel Club - Registration of purebred dogs and information on breeds and events.

Free pedigree generator - - a study beginning in 2008 to challenge annual and triennial canine rabies vaccines which have been know to cause many problems in our cannine friends.  Click here to read about it on our website or go to the Rabies Challenge website link.

Ashwyn Shetland Sheepdogs - Our friend, Sharon Andriash, breeder of our Zesta.  Sharon has a few nice litters a year and is also available for handling your Shelties and other breeds in both Canada and the US.  email Sharon at

About Dog Health - Dog Health Illnesses, Symptom, Problems, and Care Info (  Answer questions on dog health problems and care.

Mistybrook Shetland Sheepdogs - Our friend, Jan Williams.  Located in Gig Harbor, Washington.

Mon Amie Bouviers - email Cynthia Thames at

College of Veterinary Medicine at Urbana, Illinois - Links for canine health.

Dog Days NW - A great personalized dog training facility with wonderful indoor , safe training areas and great instructors.

CJ's Training - The best place to start your puppy the right way.  Try the puppy kindergarten class.


Other friends and services:

Shirley Scott - Clairvoyant/Animal Communicator.  A friend to all creatures, great and small, at Moonstruck Meadows.  You can reach her in several different ways  ...  website:   email:  phone:  509-526-5020

Equine Now - a horse for sale classified site that offers free photo ads to list any horses that you may have for sale with us. There's no cost and it's a really great way to advertise any horses you may have for sale.


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