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Cozmo is owned and loved by Carol & Sara Hawkinson of Medford, Oregon.


Cozmo Domingo msm

(Topazio X Cha Cha Cordero)

2001 Grey Andalusian colt

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Cozmo was only with me long enough to go to his true owners, Carol & Sara Hawkinson.  It was love at first sight.  Sara and her mother, Carol, had always hoped to have an Andalusian in their lives and Cozmo was the lucky horse for this wonderful family.  He is now living in Ashland, Oregon with the Hawkinsons and will be Sara's Pony Club project, life time companion and true friend.  We are so thrilled with this home and this match. They are destined to soar together.




Sara is an excellent rider and she jumped on mama Cha Cha to feel the Andalusian gaits.  She was hooked.  Cozmo bonded to her immediately and there was no doubt where he belonged.






Shown here only minutes old, Cha Cha cleans up her new baby while he tries to figure out what to do with his long legs.  Born at 7AM on March 31st, 2001.  



Shown below  at 11 weeks old Cozmo is strong and agile.   

Click here to see Cozmo's Pedigree and a description of his lineage

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