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Camille MSM  

(Berraco X Catalina)

2005 Bay PRE Andalusian filly


Catalina did it again!  She gave us a special filly.  Camille ("Cami") was born March 3rd, 2005 on one of our unbelievable warm early Spring nights.    Shown left with one of her new friends at her new home - June 06.  Sadly Cami's new owner must sell her.

Click here to see Cami's pedigree.









11 months old




Three months old - shedding out to a dark bay.



3 weeks of age.  Short coupled, straight legged, full of personality.



Photos at 2-1/2 weeks of age.  Taken by April Joga.  Cami's young friend is Anna Joga.



Below are several photos of the new little girl at three days old. One speed - full blast!



Camille is blessed with a wonderful, patient, protective mother - Catalina.










Camille is getting her exercise while her Mom, Catalina, is getting back in shape with the help of her friend, Anna Joga.











Click here to view Camille's pedigree

Click here to go to Camille's dam's page - Catalina

Click here to go to Camille's sire's page - Berraco


Return here often, updates and new photos will be posted regularly ...



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