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Larica's sire - Berraco

Larica's Dam - Cha Cha

Larica's Grand sire - Cordero


Inscription Codigo #1901010023EU2099


                                                                                                              Larica's Sire: Berraco


Cha Cha was bred to Berraco (Teodoro X Placida), shown above, to produce Larica msm.  This stallion has a magnificent presence and powerful spirit.  Combined with Cha Cha, they produced a foal of pure Spanish elegance.  Larica  is available for sale. Go to Sales Page for information.  Photos by April Joga.

 Click here to view Berraco's pedigree & photo of his sire

Click here to see more photos & details about Larica's dam - Cha Cha Cordero

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